About KET

Kentucky Educational Television (KET), founded in 1968, is Kentucky’s statewide public television network. From the beginning, KET has worked to meet the needs of PreK-20 students and teachers, both in Kentucky and nationwide.

KET’s distance learning program began in 1989, with the debut of two courses: Probability and Statistics and Physics. Today, KET Distance Learning offers AP® Physics B and Honors Physics, as well as German I, II, and III; Latin I, II, and III, Latin Literature, and AP® Latin Vergil; Arts and Culture; and Mandarin Chinese I and II.

KET’s AP® Physics B students score well above the national average on their AP® exam, with most receiving either a 4 or a 5. Teacher Chuck Duncan attributes their success in part to the integration of the Virtual Physics Labs into his course.

To learn about other educational resources and services that KET offers, visit the main education website at https://www.ket.org/education/ or KET EncycloMedia, KET’s repository of instructional and professional development resources, at .