Where should I start?

  1. I’m just looking around.
    • For general information about the labs, check out the Home page or the Overview page.
    • Try the Sample Lab to see a scaled-down version of one of our labs.
    • Go to the Labs page for a full list of labs and detailed introductions to each.
  2. I’m a teacher.
    • After just looking around (see above), sign up for a Free 60-day Trial.
    • Try out all of our labs. To get the full experience, add students and teachers to your trial for free.
    • Check out the Pricing page for info on full licenses. To purchase a license you’ll first need to be signed up for a free trial.
  3. I’m a student.
    • If you’ve found us on your own, have a look around, and then let your teacher know about the website. They’ll have to sign up for a trial for you to use the labs.
    • If your school has already signed up for the labs, you should receive an email or printed instructions from your teacher explaining how to sign up.